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Mill Blueprints

The blueprints of the Mill provide a detailed look at the massive scale of the building. After the previous mill burned down, the American company of Bradley, Bruff and Labarthe designed and built the new Mill into the side of the mountain, making it essentially 'fireproof'.  The beauty of this building is in the perfect link between its design and function.  The best industrial buildings are those whose designs are both efficient and beautiful.  These blueprints take you inside the building and demonstrate why the Mill was one of the most eye-catching and efficient structures of its day.

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Blueprint Sheet 01 Steel Handrail. Plan sections between column lines J & K and sections 5 to 10. Sheet E-30
Blueprint Sheet 02 Steel Handrail. Flotation level 6 and sub-level between column lines H&G and sections 1 to 12. Sheet E-29
Blueprint Sheet 03
Steel Handrail. Ball Mill level 5 between column lines S & G and sections 1 to 12. Sheet E-28
Blueprint Sheet 04
Steel Handrail. Ball Mill level 5a between column lines E-S-F and sections 1 to 12. Sheet E-27
Blueprint Sheet 05
Steel Handrail. Crushed Ore Bin Level 3 between column lines D&E and section 1to 12 (plus sub-sect) sheet E-26.
Blueprint Sheet 06
Steel Handrail. Core Crusher level 3 between column lines B-C-P and section 1 to 12. Sheet E-25
Blueprint Sheet 07 Platforms & Gantry over thickeners. Level 7 including conveyor details. Sheet E-24.
Blueprint Sheet 08 Steel plan flotation level 6 between column lines H-U-G and sections 3 to 12. Sheet E-23
Blueprint Sheet 09 Steel plan & sublevels. Ball Mill level 4. Sheet E-22
Blueprint Sheet 10 Stair & sublevels. Ball Mill level 4. Sheet E-21
Blueprint Sheet 11 Stair & sublevels.  E-S-F Ball Mill level 4.  Sheet E-20
Blueprint Sheet 12 Conveyor & Beams over Ore Bins.  Level 3 (D-E).  Sheet E-19
Blueprint Sheet 13 Conveyor & Steel Crusher.  Level 2 (C-B). Sheet E-18
Blueprint Sheet 14 Conveyor #1 and 2.  Crusher level (A-B).  Sheet E-17
Blueprint Sheet 15 Steel platforms above level 2 (C-B).  Sheet E-16
Blueprint Sheet 16 Conveyors # 3 and 4.  Level 2 (P-Q).  Sheet E-15
Blueprint Sheet 17 Conveyors #2, 3, 4 and 5.  Level 2.  Sheet E-14
Blueprint Sheet 18 Elevations conveyors #3 and 4.  Level 2.  Sheet E-13
Blueprint Sheet 19 Girts and Framing.  West Face.  Sheet E-12
Blueprint Sheet 20 Girts and Framing.  West Face. Sheet E-11
Blueprint Sheet 21 Sections showing Girts.  Sheet E-10
Blueprint Sheet 23 Steel elevations and bracing. North Face.  Sheet E-9
Blueprint Sheet 24 Steel layout.  Level 1 and 2.  Sheet E-7
Blueprint Sheet 25 Ore Bin layout.  Level 7.  Sheet E-6
Blueprint Sheet 26 Roof layout.  Purlins and Bracing.  Sheet E-5
Blueprint Sheet 27 Roof beam and column layout.  Sheet E-4
Blueprint Sheet 28 Roof Trusses.  Sheet E-8
Blueprint Sheet 29 East Trestle.  Sheet E-3.
Blueprint Sheet 30 West Trestle.  Sheet E-2
Blueprint Sheet 31 Proposed Material Flow Chart.
Blueprint Sheet 32 Framing, foundations for oil storage building.  Sheet B-5371
Blueprint Sheet 34 Mill building foundations
Blueprint Sheet 35 East face corrugated schedule.  Sheet B-5358
Blueprint Sheet 36 Foundations for East & West Trestle.  Sheet C-2523
Blueprint Sheet 37 Framing layout concentrates shed.  Sheet A-4071
Blueprint Sheet 38 Window Frame detail.  Sheet E-307
Blueprint Sheet 39 Frame details.  Sheet E-287
Blueprint Sheet 40 Frame and window details.  Sheet E-288.