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The Mill Physical Plan

The Mill from the west side
The Mill from the west side.
c. 1960. BCMM # 13511

The Mill is as fascinating on the inside as it is dominating on the outside. It towers over the town of Britannia Beach, and within its walls there is a mass of intricate industrial design. Each of the eight floors has a system of handrails, platforms, conveyors and machines. Between each level, a snake-like stairway links floors and sub-floors, leading up to the highest reaches of the mighty building.

Although most of the Mill is not accessible to the public, we can delve into the innermost recesses of the building through animation, video and blueprints, to reveal what it was like when it was operational and what it looks like today. Take an unprecedented journey through the Mill and discover its physical beauty.

BCMM  12808. Conveyor Belt. c. 1974. BCMM 12994. Ice cover inside the Mill. 1968 BCMM: 2709. An unidentified man sits on a ball mill in Mill #3. c. 1930 BCMM: 2708. An unidentified man stands on machines in Mill #3. c. 1930 BCMM :13498. The construction of Mill #3. 1922 BCMM: 2766. An unidentified man stands on the trestle at the top of Mill# 3. c. 1930 BCMM: 13497.  The construction of Mill #3 showing the skip. 1922 BCMM : 13492.  The construction of Mill :3.  1922