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Artistry and the Mill

Orville Fisher, Mining, Britannia Beach
Orville Fisher,
Mining, Britannia Beach
Image courtesy of BC Archives
Call Number: PDP05612
Creative inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. For most people the Mill at Britannia Beach is simply an old building, but for artists it stimulates their imaginations and brings forth untold memories of the past.

For over 80 years, the Mill has stood proudly overlooking Howe Sound, its metal frame and sparkling windows dominating the views of Britannia Beach. Inside the building, complex and intricately laid out workings provide limitless opportunities for creative expression.

For many artists, the Mill is a symbol for the strength and ingenuity of the natural resource industry in British Columbia and the rest of Canada. Through poetry, prose, paintings, photography and film, artists have continually been fascinated by its size, scope and power.

Modern photographers have been inspired by the Mill’s aging beauty. Its industrial architecture and materials provide unlimited compositions to capture their individual personal expressions.

The Mill has also been used for a variety of film and television productions because of its versatility and enormous size. It has been transformed into everything from a Victorian factory to a space ship docking station.

Explore some of the artists’ interpretations of the Mill displayed here, and then find your own inspiration in the beauty of this historic landmark.

Courtesy of Andrew Deiters Courtesy of Andrew Deiters Courtesy of Andrew Deiters Courtesy of Andrew Deiters Courtesy of Andrew Deiters Courtesy of Andrew Deiters