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Welcome to the Mill at Britannia Mine

Mill Number 3. c. 1929.
BCMM# 10839.
Mill Number 3. c. 1929.
You are about to explore one of the most important buildings in Canada’s industrial history.

The spectacular Mill demands as much attention now as it did when it was built in 1923. Designated a Canadian National Historic Site in 1987, it was essential both to the operations of the mighty Britannia Mine and to the people who have lived in its shadows.

Located in British Columbia half way between Vancouver and Whistler, the Mill at Britannia Mines was the heartbeat of what was once the largest Copper mines in the world. Key to the mining process, the mined ore would move through the Mill, being crushed and ground until the precious minerals could be separated from the waste rock. Because this process was referred to as ‘concentrating’ the Mill is also frequently referred to as The Concentrator.

Come discover the beauty found in this massive beastly structure by exploring its intricate floors using various interactive tools such as a 3D flash tour and a viewer to closely examine the original blueprints used in its construction. Listen to the individuals who lived and worked at Britannia by watching videos of their stories and gaze at the art inspired by it.

Enjoy The Beauty in the Beast.

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Ball mills.1936. BCMM 13484 BCMM 13489. A worker standing on the half constructed Mill. 1922. Courtesy of Andrew Deiters BCMM: 984.79.26 Celebrating May Day at Britannia Beach. c. 1930 BCMM :12431 The dock at Britannia Beach. 1948. The Mill at the BC Museum of Mining Ball mills used for grinding ore. c. 1936. BCMM: 12915 1928 Britannia Mines Baseball team