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The Britannia Mine Museum gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this on-line presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

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With thanks to

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The British Columbia Institute of Technology, Geomatics Engineering Technology Program

Britannia Development Corporation

Andrew Deiters

Ron Fisher and the estate of Orville Fisher

All those who gave their time to be interviewed.

Beauty in the Beast is dedicated to Joe Nagel.

Ball mills.1936. BCMM 13484 BCMM 13489. A worker standing on the half constructed Mill. 1922. Courtesy of Andrew Deiters BCMM: 984.79.26 Celebrating May Day at Britannia Beach. c. 1930 BCMM :12431 The dock at Britannia Beach. 1948. The Mill at the BC Museum of Mining Ball mills used for grinding ore. c. 1936. BCMM: 12915 1928 Britannia Mines Baseball team